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resound / звучать, раздаваться, греметь
sound, ring, resound, speak, go, vibrate
resound, peal, ring, ring out, bulge
rattle, thunder, boom, clatter, roll, resound
(of a sound, voice, etc.) fill a place with sound; be loud enough to echo.
another scream resounded through the school
sing (the praises) of.
Horace resounds the praises of Italy
The old school and the old school yard land will once again resound to the sounds of children at play.
whatever they do in the nineties will not resound in the way that their earlier achievements did
whatever they do in the Nineties will not resound in the way that their earlier achievements did
The Wanaka streets resound with languages from all round the world.
Nevertheless, his essay provides a clear instance of the rewards both of a poet on writing as such, and as illumination of that poet's poetry: may its song continue and its fame resound .
The new performance space will resound with their poetry, prose and plays, as they share their writings with the audience.
Empty rooms suddenly resound with the sounds of living and life acquires a whole new meaning.
Hrothgar's hall resounds with the laughter and songs of poets, who retell the famed history of the Danish tribe.
On the last night of the engagement - the night before the wedding - the bride's house resounds with sad songs of leavetaking.
We sat in silence for a few moments before the high-pitched squeal of the microphone resounded throughout the pub.