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resonator / резонатор
имя существительное
resonator, sounding board
имя существительное
an apparatus that increases the resonance of a sound, especially a hollow part of a musical instrument.
One of the most important skills to be learnt is the adjustment of the resonators to produce different vocal tone-colours, according to the mood and emotional content of the music.
Traditional microwave sources remove the competition by using a resonator , which amplifies only the desired frequency.
The mechanical resonator 's response over the frequency range depends on various characteristics of the liquid being tested, such as the temperature, viscosity, and other physical properties.
Other instruments used included rattles, whistles, flutes, mouth harps, and stringed-instruments constructed with a bow and resonator .
Jodi plays an infectious blend of folk/soul/reggae with her acoustic, slide, resonator and electric guitars and mandolin.
The resonator assembly includes a first electrode held in contact with the base layer, a second electrode, and a piezoelectric layer held between the first and the second electrodes.
The bridge rests on a taut membrane which covers the resonator .
The central component of the frequency standard or oscillator is a resonator that vibrates or oscillates with a well-defined frequency when excited.
The attenuation meters were used to measure the power loss upon sample entry into the measuring resonator .
The frequency of nanomechanical resonators is generally determined by reflecting a laser off the resonator .
A quartz crystal resonator depends on the piezo-electric effect to work. This effect converts a mechanical stress in a crystal to a voltage and vice versa.