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resonate / резонировать
produce or be filled with a deep, full, reverberating sound.
the sound of the siren resonated across the harbor
produce electrical or mechanical resonance.
the crystal resonates at 16 MHz
Their ideas resonate in scholarly circles and eventually penetrate the general media.
It's strange how inanimate objects can resonate with different emotions depending on the situation in which they are viewed.
Additionally, a brain-trust only appeals to people who think the ideas resonate with their own.
The best part has been meeting young rabbinical students, who resonate most completely with what I'm saying.
To make this story resonate today, it should be set in a non-Western society.
Her best works continue to resonate long after seeing them.
In a PEM, a piece of crystalline quartz is electronically excited to resonate at a frequency determined by its shape and crystal orientation.
Furthermore, the parts of the songs resonate with beauty and emotion.
Even their smallest gestures resonate with genuine emotion.
The two in fact are related: the ideas resonate differently in different parts of the world, exemplifying with remarkably clarity the issues introduced in the previous sections.