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resolve / решимость, решение, решительность
имя существительное
determination, resolve, resolution, decision, resoluteness, dead
decision, solution, resolution, resolve, award, answer
determination, resoluteness, resolve, resolution, decision, flatness
allow, authorize, resolve, permit, solve, enable
decide, solve, resolve, settle, determine, choose
decide, resolve, determine, choose, venture, choose rather
имя существительное
firm determination to do something.
she received information that strengthened her resolve
settle or find a solution to (a problem, dispute, or contentious matter).
the firm aims to resolve problems within 30 days
decide firmly on a course of action.
she resolved to call Dana as soon as she got home
separate or cause to be separated into components.
For example, in relaxed myofibrils, it was unclear whether each Tmod striation could be unambiguously resolved into separate thin filament profiles.
And we fulfill our new role with a steely inner resolve regardless of what others may think.
the firm aims to resolve problems within 30 days
The same cast of mind also tended to seek simple, universal formulae to resolve any problem, no matter how complex.
If they fail to resolve the matter within 14 days they get a red card.
the ability to resolve facts into their legal categories
Very few of us have that firm resolve in ourselves to do what we are really passionate about.
Firm resolve showed in the set of his jaw as he picked her up gently.
For the first time, he was able to resolve individual stars in the Andromeda Galaxy.
We saw that the NATO members added their resolve to the resolve of the United States.
There is no haste but only a firm resolve to complete the work in time.