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resistant / стойкий, прочный, сопротивляющийся
имя прилагательное
persistent, resistant, stable, steadfast, enduring, lasting
lasting, strong, durable, solid, firm, resistant
resistant, reluctant, renitent, withstanding
имя прилагательное
offering resistance to something or someone.
some of the old churches are resistant to change
denoting starch that is not easily broken down by enzymes within the body and is therefore minimally absorbed during digestion.
cooked rice, like bread, contains a useful amount of resistant starch, which acts like fiber in the digestive system
Nearly five per cent of all vines grow on their own roots, without having been grafted on to resistant rootstocks.
His research team was working on a project to prevent bacteria becoming more resistant to antibiotics.
To increase the durability of the table, use a finish that is resistant to water stains.
They also investigate the ecological assumption that some organizational features are more resistant to change than others.
So within a short time, there will be millions of germs resistant to penicillin.
The hollow bones are thin-walled, but actually quite resistant to stress from bending - the stresses involved in flight.
A diet rich in fibre and resistant starch encourages the growth of good bacteria.
Multidrug resistant malaria is not yet a major problem in east and central Africa.
The fibers are strong, durable, and resistant to heat.
The research claims that resistant starch foods also shrink fat cells, increase muscle mass, curb cravings, and keep people feeling full for longer.