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resist / противостоять, сопротивляться, противиться
resist, withstand, confront, counter, match, front
resist, oppose, fight back, withstand, stand against, antagonize
resist, oppose, counter, buck, stand against, kick against
имя существительное
resistance, resist, opposition, strength, stand, opposing
withstand the action or effect of.
antibodies help us to resist infection
имя существительное
a resistant substance applied as a coating to protect a surface during some process, for example to prevent dye or glaze adhering.
Make sure to clean the surface well and remove all petroleum jelly as this will act as a resist for any glaze, antiquing pigment or varnish you try to apply after using this technique.
I couldn't resist buying the blouse
I just said that one could resist the argument by objecting that there is no reason to think that seeing a non-physical flower sense-datum is the same type of mental state as seeing a real flower.
Preparatory work is done outdoors where she uses conte, gouache, pencil and wax resist .
The screen or mesh area is covered with a resist , such as wax, which plugs or blocks all of the screen openings, except in the area of the design image.
A carrier fluid, such as a gas, is then directed toward the semiconductor substrate so as to move the resist stripper across the substrate.
the exposed areas of resist will soften
No matter which variation of polio a vaccinated individual comes into contact with, he or she should successfully resist infection.
She tried to resist and struggle, but the weakness of the fever prevented her from even being able to free an arm from the blanket.
Their bodies may be less able to resist infections, and they may be at greater risk for problems during surgery and anesthesia.
The disadvantages are that it takes a couple of light layers of clay for the resist , and the design is only on one side of the fabric.