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resin / смола, канифоль, камедь
имя существительное
resin, pitch, tar, gum
rosin, resin, colophony
gum, resin, copal
resin, pitch, tar, pay
имя существительное
a sticky flammable organic substance, insoluble in water, exuded by some trees and other plants (notably fir and pine).
Rich red and green glaze paints, more usually the former, in both early Netherlandish and German School paintings were often found to contain a little resin, usually pine tree resin , in addition to heat-bodied oil.
rub or treat with resin.
resined canvas
Amber is the fossilised resin of ancient pine trees, submerged under the sea in thin veins.
Built by hand, each form consists of a fiberglass and plywood support coated with highly finished polyester resin .
The specimens are quite attractive when cut in half and coated with an acrylic resin .
Pine may ooze resin , so protect furniture and mantels with newspaper or plastic.
When attacked by bark beetles, pine trees with a reduced capability to produce resin would be more vulnerable than pine trees with unimpaired resin production.
In the warm night air there was a ‘faint sweet smell of resin and burning trees'.
Granules of fertilizer are coated with a thermoplastic resin and a proprietary chemical release agent.
Pine resin exudes from cuts in the needles or stem of the tree.
Organisms preserved in amber (hardened resin from trees) are prized by paleontologists because of the fine details they retain.
One core was dried and impregnated with liquid epoxy resin , finally preserving the curious surface pattern of holes.