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resigned / покорный, смирившийся, безропотный
имя прилагательное
obedient, submissive, humble, resigned, docile, dutiful
uncomplaining, submissive, resigned, unmurmuring
имя прилагательное
having accepted something unpleasant that one cannot do anything about.
my response is a resigned shrug of the shoulders
voluntarily leave a job or other position.
he resigned from the government in protest at the policy
accept that something undesirable cannot be avoided.
he seems resigned to a shortened career
sign (a document) again.
Attendance is restricted to Trust members but there will be a chance to sign or re-sign on the day.
Instead he seems to be happily resigned to it.
His work was a flaming call to arms; hers is resigned , melancholy, even funereal.
The town of 3,000 inhabitants are resigned to the bear sanctuary on their doorstep.
Some argue at being stopped, others cajole, others are resigned .
Three years later, they are resigned to the demands of parenthood.
Without treatment, a person with avoidant personality disorder may become resigned to a life of near or total isolation.
There was an audible sign of resigned frustration from my fellow passengers.
Instead of being outraged, many ranchers seemed resigned .
They claim a minority are resigned to renting permanently.
Now, my response is a resigned shrug of the shoulders.