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resignation / отставка, заявление об отставке, смирение
имя существительное
resignation, resign, retirement, dismissal, dismission
заявление об отставке
humility, resignation, lowliness, mortification
имя существительное
an act of retiring or giving up a position.
he announced his resignation
the acceptance of something undesirable but inevitable.
a shrug of resignation
Other officers had announced their resignation from the committee.
The reporting of these two journalists eventually forced the resignation of a president.
The computer won its match with human World Chess Champion Kasparov by causing his resignation in Game 6 after only 19 moves, after what had been an even contest to that point.
Announcing his resignation , even on the eve of an election, was the right choice.
I've handed in my resignation
I told Janet that if I don't figure my problems out soon I will hand in my resignation .
They voted 34 against with 11 in favour, forcing the immediate resignation of the entire board.
The deputy editor of the newspaper had indicated he will hand in his formal resignation this afternoon.
If any of you feel you cannot support this program, I will receive your resignation immediately after this meeting.
I did see something cross his face, but he went back to his usual look of resignation when I corrected him.