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resign / уходить в отставку, отказываться, слагать
уходить в отставку
retire, resign, step down, demit, check out
refuse, deny, give up, waive, reject, resign
имя существительное
resignation, resign, retirement, dismissal, dismission
voluntarily leave a job or other position.
he resigned from the government in protest at the policy
accept that something undesirable cannot be avoided.
he seems resigned to a shortened career
sign (a document) again.
Attendance is restricted to Trust members but there will be a chance to sign or re-sign on the day.
He will have to declare bankruptcy and will be obliged to resign his seat in parliament.
Should he resign his seat and retire from politics until his name is cleared?
She added that she did not feel it was necessary for her to resign her seat and stand again as an independent.
So why is it that he wasn't forced to resign his parliamentary seat as well?
Women were forced to resign office jobs upon marriage, and this tradition was upheld well into the 1950s.
He said he would not resign his seat to allow a by-election to take place.
He became the first African leader upon independence to resign office voluntarily.
Your only reasonable choices are to either make the move immediately or resign .
he vows to resign himself to her direction
I further call on her to present a public apology to the family, and then to resign her office.