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residential / жилой, связанный с местом жительства, состоящий из жилых домов
имя прилагательное
residential, living
связанный с местом жительства
residential, residentiary
состоящий из жилых домов
имя прилагательное
designed for people to live in.
private residential and nursing homes
Certain parts of the residential districts had certain designs for the houses built in them.
People living on a residential estate have fought off plans for a new fish and chip shop.
Official permission is not needed as long as the guns are licensed and the shoot takes place on private land away from residential areas.
Occupants have been evicted from yet another dilapidated city office block that is being used illegally as residential accommodation.
Age Concern often ends up helping older people move into residential care simply because they don't want the worry of running a home any more.
Meat outlets should not be set up near residential areas as it increases the risk of contagious diseases if the meat gets contaminated.
My wife and I live in a residential neighborhood in a large University town, USA.
Recently, I went to a function at my old university residential college.
The property also is designed to include residential , office and hotel space.
According to officials, there are several issues with regard to monitoring air quality in residential areas.