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residency / резиденция, местожительство
имя существительное
residence, residency, place
residence, domicile, residency, location, dwelling place, habitation
имя существительное
the fact of living in a place.
a government ruling confirmed the returning refugees' right to residency
the official residence of the British governor general's representative or other government agent, especially at the court of an Indian state.
The Residency or Khengar Bhavan was built in 1882 AD as the residency of the British Resident in the ruler's minority.
a period of specialized medical training in a hospital; the position of a resident.
His medical residencies were in internal medicine and clinical psychiatry at the University of Florida.
Applications in writing, with examples of work, are invited from artists interested in the residency .
They come to New Zealand thinking they can obtain permanent residency , and they cannot.
The new policy affects 11,000 applications for residency , but the total number of people involved is greater, as some applications involve two parents and siblings.
she has Irish residency
His proposal could lead to permanent residency for illegals, some living in the US for more than 20 years.
the photographs were taken in East London during an artist-in-school residency
The democratic rights to freely choose one's occupation and place of residency , as well as to immigration and asylum, are being ruthlessly sacrificed to the interests of big business.
Artists pursue their ongoing work in an intense, three-week summer residency in New York City.
he saw me at a folk club where I was doing the residency one Sunday night
A new ‘citizen's pension ’, based on residency rather than national insurance contributions, would end pensioner poverty for women, he said.