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residence / резиденция, проживание, пребывание
имя существительное
residence, residency, place
residence, habitation, dwelling, abode, inhabitation, inhabitancy
residence, stay, staying, tenure, indwelling, abode
residence, domicile, residency, location, dwelling place, habitation
residence, abode, abiding-place
имя существительное
a person's home; the place where someone lives.
They are there in case one day someone again wants to live in the house as a private residence and restore it to its original condition.
Rome was his main place of residence
As mentioned, the parties filed an agreed statement of facts as to the children's residence and expenses.
After the Partition, it was the official residence of the British Deputy High Commissioner.
We, the contestants went to the prime minister's official residence to meet with him.
The building itself was built in 1607 as a private residence , but it was in use as an inn by 1775.
It will be sold on when the Archbishop moves back into his official residence .
the palace was designated the official residence of the head of state
They will be eligible to permanent residence after living five years in South Korea.
The embassy and the ambassador's residence came under siege by right and left alike.
He cannot be required to show a driver's license or any other evidence of his identity or residence .