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reside / проживать, находиться, жить
reside, indwell, shack, shack up, tarry, bide
be, locate, reside, lie, exist, be found
live, dwell, stay, reside, exist, inhabit
have one's permanent home in a particular place.
people who work in the city actually reside in neighboring towns
According to the Justice Ministry, about 630,000 foreigners reside permanently in Japan.
It is thus a non-reductive definition, because both its subject matter and its theoretical object reside at the semantic level.
Since more than half of the children admitted to the school reside outside the city, it plans to build a dormitory to enable them to stay along with one of their parents.
copyright will reside with the author
Where did these local residents actually reside ?
While over 90,000 people now live in the Limerick urban area, only around 54,000 reside within the city boundary.
Drosophila genes undergo complex splicing patterns, reside close to their neighbors, and often overlap.
All the children reside with their mother and the parties have agreed that she will have custody.
Qualities can only reside in substances and cannot occur on their own.
people who work in the city actually reside in neighbouring towns