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resettle / переселяться, переселять, перемещать
move, resettle, migrate, emigrate, transmigrate, flit
relocate, resettle, emigrate, transmigrate, transplant, immigrate
move, transfer, shift, relocate, transport, resettle
settle or cause to settle in a different place.
they offered to resettle 300,000 refugees
In August the government said it intended to resettle peasants on 800 farms before the start of the rainy season in November.
Governments have attempted to forcibly settle and resettle Roma, often with little success and negative results.
Today, such a claim would be considered frivolous under the Firm Resettlement Law, which renders claims of asylum irrelevant for aliens who resettle in a third country.
There are already diplomatic discussions underway about where to resettle the environmental refugees.
Since August 1999, it has assisted 429 women and girls, repatriating most and helping one to resettle in a third country.
Most camp residents ask: ‘Is it possible that a government that has failed to even provide tents will resettle us in new houses and provide us jobs?’
The construction of 600 homes will help as many as 5,000 refugees to resettle in the area.
Medical screening is but a small part of the effort that must be made to resettle the refugees.
they offered to resettle 300,000 refugees
The rights of refugees to find safe refuge in another state - with the option to return home voluntarily, integrate locally or to resettle in a third country - fall on the universal claim of need.