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reservoir / резервуар, водохранилище, водоем
имя существительное
tank, reservoir, vessel, container, basin, bowl
reservoir, storage reservoir, tank
water, pond, reservoir, basin, cistern, tank
имя существительное
a large natural or artificial lake used as a source of water supply.
Some hover above fresh water lakes or reservoirs .
if all three colours overlap then a black dot is printed from the black ink reservoir
Michael will always be remembered for his wit, his sense of fun and his great reservoir of information about all things regarding the Stephenites.
Stock analysts often point to the $2.1 trillion in money funds as a reservoir of buying power for the stock market.
He locked his left leg into a straight position and attempted to cycle as much hydraulic fluid back into the reservoir as the system would allow.
Carrier-bed rocks are lithologically the same as reservoir rocks, that is, sandstones, limestones, or fractured rocks of all types.
Fair enough, Scottish football is a comparatively small pond and the reservoir of coaching talent is not exactly boundless.
Most of these advertisers realize they don't have a reservoir of marketing talent of their own at corporate headquarters.
The bank, as a reservoir of funds, borrows amounts deposited with it by its customer and pays them out as his agent.
The height of the car can also be adjusted from the driver's seat, through moving a lever that increases or reduces the fluid sent into the system from the reservoir .
Scotland has always had a fine reservoir of comic talent