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reservist / резервист, военнообязанный
имя существительное
reservist, reserve
имя существительное
a member of the military reserve forces.
Military reservists and guardsmen found themselves out of their depth.
The typical reservist might be deployed for another 12 months over the next couple years.
When a sponsored reservist is on active duty, the military commander assumes responsibility for work products and services.
She has spent 17 of her 26 years in the military, as a reservist with the 91st Division.
He was 34 and like most of his company a reservist , called up for emergency military service a week ago on Friday.
The reservist should share information about military assignments or specialties with an employer.
Many are coping without key employees, as military reservists are called to active duty.
I very often see soldiers and reservists where I live and I have a family member serving in the Australian Army.
Volunteering for military deployments is another area in which Air Force reservists excel.
A critical look at how the other services support their reservists may be helpful.
The deployment also gave the reservists a rare insight to working with active duty Marines.