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reserved / зарезервированный, сдержанный, резервный
имя прилагательное
reserved, earmarked
restrained, discreet, reserved, restrain, moderate, reticent
spare, backup, reserve, standby, reserved
имя прилагательное
slow to reveal emotion or opinions.
he is a reserved, almost taciturn man
kept specially for a particular purpose or person.
a reserved seat
Departing on July 2 or 3, you will spend a full day at Wimbledon with a reserved seat on Number One Court.
The team files off the bus on game day in a quiet, reserved and orderly fashion, with most players wearing serious expressions as they look down, avoiding any eye contact.
The reserved exterior that reflects caution and orthodoxy masks an inner emotional make-up that hints of mischief and rebellion.
This new facility is not to be confused with the existing coach service available only to reserved seat passengers.
Options for patron upgrade, car parking spaces and a reserved seat in the main stand are also available.
They never linger or come down to a human level; instead they are cold and reserved .
She had never seen him so happy before, he was always so reserved and cautious with his emotions.
When she approached the man, however, her attire earned her a reserved expression.
There are no reserved seats, so it is a case of first come first served and everyone is advised to come early to avoid disappointment.
While Morgan was quiet, reserved and cute, Camille was loud, passionate and bright.