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resentful / обиженный, обидчивый, возмущенный
имя прилагательное
resentful, aggrieved, pained, injured, sore, disadvantaged
touchy, resentful, techy, sensitive, quick to take offense, huffy
indignant, resentful, scandalized
имя прилагательное
feeling or expressing bitterness or indignation at having been treated unfairly.
he was angry and resentful of their intrusion
He never wants to come off sounding bitter or resentful over opportunities lost.
Bitter, resentful and increasingly unstable, Jackie watches her life crumble.
What was morbidly fascinating was the resentful resistance of the other couple to this patently superior lifestyle.
It was by far the busiest bar and restaurant in town, and smokers weren't resentful about having to take regular trips outside.
Staff in the hospitals and diagnostic practices also became resentful , and many resigned.
It made her bitter and resentful towards him, and all the more rebellious.
Edith's sense of humour, her warmth and her refusal to be resentful make her a survivor in the true sense of the word.
Here was a man who had every reason to feel angry, resentful and bitter.
They are already resentful of paying so many other government imposed duties on everyday life.
I get such resentful feelings towards his dad for not being here to lighten my load, or at least to lend a hand in those desperate moments.