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resent / возмущаться, обижаться, негодовать
resent, rebel, boil over, begrudge, be disgusted
take offense, resent, feel aggrieved, huff, be aggrieved, begrudge
resent, boil over
feel bitterness or indignation at (a circumstance, action, or person).
she resented the fact that I had children
send (a message, letter, package, etc.) again.
he forgot to put the time of the party on the invitations and had to resend them
It was almost as if writing movies had given people one more reason to hate me, or dislike or resent me.
In standing up against the injustices, we have obviously hurt them and they resent us.
They resent us for our power and at the same time expect us to be capable of everything.
Pam had been introduced to Natalie by a mutual friend and Steven began to resent her.
But when I get inside my flat, I can still smell his smoke, and I feel myself resenting him for it.
If you're always late on completing things, people stop relying on you, start resenting you and begin to bypass you.
Rather than resenting us for getting ‘special’ treatment, why not back us up?
As James never wanted a new mom, he resents Mary and won't allow her into his life.
Although he resented his father for the neglect of the family he joined him as a fisherman when he was sixteen.
Most of the population resents the rich foreigners, even though their living depends on tourism.