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resemble / походить на, иметь сходство, быть похожим
походить на
resemble, look like, take after
иметь сходство
resemble, bear a resemblance, show resemblance
быть похожим
resemble, bear a resemblance, show resemblance, favor, counterfeit, border
have qualities or features, especially those of appearance, in common with (someone or something); look or seem like.
some people resemble their dogs
some people resemble their dogs
In fact, they resemble patterns typically not seen until late fall or early winter.
they seemed to resemble each other closely
you resemble your mother
some people resemble their dogs
Most of these lacy sculptures resemble architectural models.
they don't resemble each other
He resembles the description of a man seen getting out of the victim's car.
Possibly there may come some resembler of Masih who may be buried near the mausoleum of the Prophet.
A pensioner told how her garden had been left resembling a bomb site after a sewage pipe exploded.