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resemblance / сходство
имя существительное
similarity, resemblance, likeness, affinity, analogy, sameness
имя существительное
the state of resembling or being alike.
they bear some resemblance to Italian figurines
It is unlikely they bear any resemblance to Frankenstein's creation.
If the result bears little musical resemblance to the original, it does capture the same hedonistic menace.
Now I see this written about in a newspaper on a weekly basis and I can only tell you that it has no resemblance to fact.
The authority said the building bore little resemblance to the plans it had passed and ordered work to stop last May.
there was a close resemblance between herself and Anne
The game no longer bears much resemblance to the sport it once was.
Okarito's few houses and two streets bear little resemblance to the goldrush town of a century and a half ago.
It explores many of the same themes but in a style which bears little resemblance to its predecessor.
In May, planning chiefs ordered work to stop because the building bore little resemblance to the approved plans.
All the characters in it are invented, none bears any resemblance to anyone living or dead.