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resell / перепродавать
sell (something one has bought) to someone else.
products can be resold on the black market for huge profits
In return, it got either the right to resell the product or receive payments of nearly $30 million a year.
He would then paint the houses and resell them at far higher prices.
Now the carriers are looking to expand the market by letting subscribers resell talk time to friends and neighbors.
He's struck a deal to resell courses from an E-learning company.
There are reputable companies which source and resell end-of-life products and second-hand products.
Its main business was reselling training products and courses over the internet and on CD-Roms and videos.
The latter may effectively extend the scope of the action to retailers and resellers who offered the drive.
He knew that if he could buy items at a cheap price, reselling them for a healthy profit would not be that difficult.
With only 150 accredited registrars actively selling and reselling domains, it is a fairly small industry.
That data was gleaned and resold by the agencies to news media, market researchers and other retailers.