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resect / производить резекцию
производить резекцию
cut out (tissue or part of an organ).
a small piece of resected colon
Large multicenter randomized trials are currently being conducted to determine the efficacy and long-term survival outcomes related to laparoscopic resections .
The involved terminal ileum was resected along with the proximal colon using a functional end-to-end stapled anastomosis.
The azygous vein and the periesophageal tissue are widely resected .
In these cases, the surgeons acted on the operative impression and performed either a resection in the cases with resectable lesions or a bypass procedure in the cases in which lesions were deemed unresectable.
Metastatic lesions are generally identified years after the initial resection, are solitary or few in number, are surgically resectable , and have histologic features identical to the primary tumor.
It is a further object of this invention to provide a resectoscope sheath which enables the resectionist to concomitantly coagulate and debulk in a relatively clear operating environment without having to see through the pink hue caused by lysed erythrocytes associated with hypotonic solutions such as water or sorbitol.
Of the 108 patients who underwent resectional lung surgery and had adequate microbiologic data, 99 had an initial favorable response, and 9 had microbiologic failure.
In this study of surgical outcomes, we included data on patients undergoing resectional surgery for oesophageal and gastric cancer.
Prerequisites for massive absorption were found by the resectionist in 8/9 patients.
Since then, two major changes have occurred in our treatment model: aggressive use of resectional lung surgery and the introduction of fluoroquinolone antibiotics.