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reseat / притирать, пригонять, сажать обратно
lap, grind in, reseat, hone
bring, fit, gather, fit in, true, reseat
сажать обратно
cause (someone) to sit down again after they have risen.
he reseated himself in his armchair
equip with new seats.
the coaches were reseated last year to increase capacity
Gilbert moved quickly in before Lou could reseat herself.
Finally, look at the condition of the gasket, and how uniformly the damper flap closes against it - if necessary, clean, reseat or replace the gasket.
Thus was it pressed upon them that they must rebel to reseat the ancient kings on their thrones, and drive the trespassers away.
'I would unseat and reseat the memory, then maybe do the same with the video card.’
It takes a bit of patience to do this, because if you don't plan this out right, you won't be able to properly reseat your motherboard into the stand-offs.
After you install the new floor, you will need to remove the old wax seal under the toilet, install a new wax seal, and reseat the toilet.
We just need to remove and reseat all the components again.
After reseating the vidcard all worked well and the customer was very happy.
‘Johnny Shakes,’ Will answered as Elizabeth reseated herself.
I ran the test over and over, reseating the probes each time just in case I had something wrong.