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rescind / аннулировать, отменять
cancel, annul, void, revoke, nullify, rescind
cancel, revoke, override, abolish, abrogate, rescind
revoke, cancel, or repeal (a law, order, or agreement).
the government eventually rescinded the directive
Disorder provides an excuse to rescind liberties in the name of restoring calm.
There is no reason why parties to a written executed agreement cannot agree to cancel or rescind it and to reverse its effects.
I am not convinced that there is any reason to alter or rescind the order made by the board on June 26th.
The proper course in those circumstances was to rescind the order on the basis that, had the creditor known of the petition, the petition debt would have been secured.
He tried very hard to rescind the expulsion order, at one point offering the monarchs 300,000 ducats for a reprieve.
The seven have also filed a suit with the district court calling on immigration authorities to rescind the deportation order.
A business-purpose loan is not rescindable , even if secured by the borrower's principal dwelling, because the credit is not subject to Truth-in-Lending.
The city rescinded the demolition order and granted an Occupancy Permit to the Committee.
Because details of a transfer are implemented between a rescindable capability and a goods description, rights to goods of any type can be transferred.
Many a time a State refuses to honour a tribunal award or its rescinds its agreement.