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reschedule / перепланировать
change the time of (a planned event).
the concert has been rescheduled for September
At least one national radio station had to reschedule its programmes because of protesting staff.
They can also arrange to reschedule their existing debts until August 30.
An hour into the meeting, I could see that we were getting nowhere and I suggested that we reschedule the meeting to another day.
Therefore, rather than rush that process, we decided to reschedule the conference for five months later when schedules permitted.
The only real solution now is to reschedule the debt over a long period - or to default.
There's no way we can reschedule the world's debts and manage them.
Yes, the country would still have to reschedule its suffocating debt.
He hasn't even bothered to contact us to reschedule a meeting we were to have several weeks ago.
When ultimately they were unable to service or reschedule these debts, the peso and the national government collapsed.
‘We are hoping to reschedule the match for sometime in April,’ said the promoter.