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resale / перепродажа
имя существительное
имя существительное
the sale of a thing previously bought.
he is renovating them for resale
Its own balance sheet has a substantial number of companies which are described as being held for resale .
resale value
resale value
The company makes its start-up disk and monthly service available for resale by dealers.
A resale ban makes it easier for producers to divide up the market and keep prices high.
Instead, a really serious investor would have to look to Britain for resale opportunities.
If you plan on selling the vehicle sometime down the road, you'll shoulder the burden of resale depreciation.
Reconditioning involves cleaning, waxing and polishing used cars in order to place them on the lot for resale .
However, there are also problems associated with timeshares, particularly with their resale .
At the upper end of the market, good quality villas dotted around the island occasionally come up for resale .