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requirement / требование, потребность, необходимое условие
имя существительное
demand, requirement, request, claim, call, must
need, demand, requirement, want
необходимое условие
имя существительное
a thing that is needed or wanted.
choose the type of window that suits your requirements best
statutory requirement
hardware requirement
there's no requirement to publish the accounts
The conditions include the requirement to have all goods locally produced or at least 40 per cent of their content be of good quality and value.
This is of concern for the discipline, as PhD enrolment or completion is a requirement for entry to academia.
Ryanair is not incorporated in Britain as a registered company, which is an entry requirement for the FTSE index, although it has a primary listing in both Ireland and Britain.
This means 76.6% of the subject entries have met the requirement of having a grade three or better to enter the University of Namibia and similar institutions in South Africa.
My first home was a modest two bedroom terrace house, which suited my requirement early in my working career.
it's a legal requirement to pay tax
entry requirement