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require / требовать, нуждаться, затребовать
require, demand, claim, ask, take, call for
need, require, be in need, want, lack, demand
request, require, send an order, requiem
need for a particular purpose.
three patients required operations
There is an obvious incentive to report such crimes, because most insurance policies require such offences to be reported before compensation is paid.
Does the cooperative have danger points in its operations that require special monitoring and attention?
I have known patients require stitches and even surgery for injuries inflicted.
Likewise, tractors certainly require fuel for their operation.
In the United States, 44 of the 50 states require insurance contracts to be written in plain English.
To bridge the gap, scholarly publishers often require authors to raise subsidies from the institutions where they work, and this opens the way for decisions based on patronage.
I don't know what you require of me
if you require further information
please indicate how many tickets you require
Academic discourses, as Le Doeuff shows, also require representational abilities of their readers and writers.