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request / запрос, просьба, требование
имя существительное
request, query, inquiry, demand, message, interpellation
request, application, plea, petition, wish, entreaty
demand, requirement, request, claim, call, must
request, ask, ax, axe
request, require, send an order, requiem
offer, suggest, propose, request, submit, proffer
имя существительное
an act of asking politely or formally for something.
a request for information
politely or formally ask for.
he received the information he had requested
But employers can refuse the request if they have a clear business reason for objecting.
A group representing the company's 300 pensioners has been refused a request for a meeting with management and told that they will not get any shares in the floated company.
At the request of the Russian prosecutors, the Swiss authorities have also recently frozen $5bn in bank accounts belonging to Khodorkovsky and his associates.
the club's excursion was postponed at the request of some of the members
A request has to be made with reason given before the principal grants permission.
If you haven't received something from an institution for some time, it may mean your request for change of address may not have been processed.
the club's excursion was postponed at the request of some of the members
The feeling of paranoia is strong throughout while the scenes relating to the request for political asylum are chilling in the current, particularly given the current political climate of intolerance.
She begins to curse the summoner for his unfair request , saying that she would like to give his body to the devil.
Yet last year, at the request of the police, the film was banned from being shown in Turkey, which gives some indication of just how politically sensitive the Kurdish question was there at that time.