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repute / репутация, известность
имя существительное
reputation, standing, repute, rep, image, character
fame, renown, prominence, notoriety, celebrity, repute
think, consider, count, feel, find, repute
believe, think, suppose, guess, consider, repute
имя существительное
the opinion generally held of someone or something; the state of being generally regarded in a particular way.
pollution could bring the authority's name into bad repute
be generally said or believed to do something or to have particular characteristics.
he was reputed to have a fabulous house
With actors of such high repute , the Lusaka shows promise to be a big success and will definitely leave many a theatre goer screaming for more.
Last month, it decided to commission an independent review of the scheme by experts of international repute .
He is a stockbroker house of less than perfect repute .
She accepted gladly, vowing to turn the museum into an institution of international repute .
She was a theatre major, and a director of repute within the student body.
They had kept Tom in a tiny cell, feeding him nothing but a bit of moldy bread and some water of questionable repute .
The next poem, ‘Sol Lewitt's Double Pyramid,’ plays on an art form of minimalist repute but multiple aspects.
They work for Dr Sid now, who, despite his name, is a scientist and thinker of international repute .
Decent restaurants, shops of international repute , bearable hotel, excellent restaurants and the bustle that spells boom.
pollution could bring the authority's name into bad repute