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repurpose / переориентировать
adapt for use in a different purpose.
they've taken a product that was originally designed for a CD-ROM and repurposed it for the Microsoft Network
The question then becomes: ‘Can you retrain them, repurpose them, at least give them advance notice?’
Is Google right to take in this information and repurpose it through Google News?
Quite often, the best solution is to repurpose an old desktop or laptop PC to act as your media client, since a playback-only device requires modest hardware.
What steps are you taking to repurpose data for future use?
The city of Schwabisch Hall in December also decided to repurpose a few hundred Microsoft PCs with Linux.
More recently, database-producing companies have looked to the Web both as a distribution channel for their established information and for innovative ways to repurpose that data.
But repurpose the components judiciously - your new PC may demand faster RAM, a more potent graphics card, or a larger hard drive.
As noted, museum partners are encouraged to repurpose contextual information published in exhibition catalogues and educational materials.
This begins to identify what may be called a ‘storage media cascade’ that allows corporations to repurpose hardware according to its relative availability rating.
Why spend millions on buying and implementing a new system if you can repurpose your existing applications and data to deliver the same benefits of a new system?