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repulsive / отталкивающий, омерзительный, отвергающий
имя прилагательное
repulsive, repellent, unsavory, revolting, appalling, forbidding
ghoulish, repulsive, hateful
renouncing, repulsive
имя прилагательное
arousing intense distaste or disgust.
a repulsive smell
of or relating to repulsion between physical objects.
Cronenberg fashions a remake of the cheesy 1958 original that is by turns funny, poignant, repulsive , and intense.
It's jarring and offensive and leaves one with nothing but repulsive images that linger on afterwards.
She is always slightly repulsive , and that is why I wanted those puppies to look miserable.
A long sequence set in a park, in which Walter loses his willpower and sparks a somewhat risqué dialogue with a young girl, becomes increasingly nauseating and repulsive as it continues.
Story wise, it's Mr. Bean, perhaps a little gentler and less repulsive than Rowan Atkinson in the flesh, but very very funny.
One of the final panels proffers Der Führer's personal opinion of his adversary: ‘He is an utterly amoral, repulsive creature.’
It is perhaps the most disgusting, grotesque and repulsive thing ever shown on television.
Both these views of what Karl Marx called ‘the ugly revolution, the repulsive revolution’ were subsequently published as engravings in the periodical L' Illustration.
Whilst we gained a sense of Caliban's non-humanness, we lost much sense of him as a gross, repulsive creature.
It i s mildly repulsive in its crude vulgarity, but strangely and inexplicably alluring.