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repulse / отпор, отражение, отказ
имя существительное
rebuff, repulse, check, setdown, squelch
reflection, repulse, reflexion, image, mirror, reflex
renouncement, refusal, failure, denial, rejection, repulse
repel, push away, repulse, push off, spurn, jostle
reflect, represent, mirror, repel, reverberate, repulse
repulse, beat, beat back, beat off, chime, resist
имя существительное
the action of driving back an attacking force or of being driven back.
the repulse of the invaders
drive back (an attack or attacking enemy) by force.
rioters tried to storm ministry buildings but were repulsed by police
cause (someone) to feel intense distaste and aversion.
audiences at early screenings of the film were repulsed by its brutality
his evasion of her scheme had been another repulse
The muddy ground delayed them and gave the French gunners time to rally and repulse the first attack.
Even the thought of killing didn't repulse me the way it used to, although I still refrained from that particular method of retrieving my money.
the repulse of the invaders
the repulse of the invaders
his evasion of her plan had been another repulse
These films regale as they repulse , hitting the gag reflex and the funny bone simultaneously.
Meursault is repulsed by Raymond's scruffy appearance.
Finally the firing dwindled; the charge had been repulsed .
Indeed, Catherine is repulsed by David's African stories, and her hysterical outburst against them is imbued with racist assumptions.