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repudiate / отвергать, отрекаться, отказываться
reject, deny, refuse, repudiate, discard, override
renounce, repudiate, deny, retract, disown, abdicate
refuse, deny, give up, waive, reject, repudiate
refuse to accept or be associated with.
she has repudiated policies associated with previous party leaders
The majority repudiate , in enlightened terms, Taylor's assumptions and personalization if not his ‘thumbs down’ verdict.
breach of a condition gives the other party the right to repudiate a contract
Only the husband may repudiate his spouse, although the wife may provoke him to make that decision.
Carteret's wife Olivia, for her part, is determined to repudiate the legal and moral claims of her mulatto half-sister - Janet Miller - on their father's estate.
The building reminded them of a past that belonged to them and their ancestors, a past they did not wish to repudiate .
As caput mansi or head of the household, the husband of the mother of the twin boys, should he choose to repudiate his wife, would be following a convention deemed appropriate to protect the social order with respect to unfaithful wives.
It's believed that the insurance companies sought to repudiate their policies partly on the basis that the Department had failed to disclose details of penalties imposed prior to 1992.
breach of a condition gives the other party the right to repudiate a contract
When the Berlin Wall came down in 1989, a new leadership hastily jettisoned the Party's name, and soon began to repudiate most of its past.
Regan quickly says she has received news of Edgar's villainy and has come to repudiate her father's naming of Edgar as his godson.