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republican / республиканский
имя прилагательное
republican, republic
имя существительное
член республиканской партии
имя прилагательное
(of a form of government, constitution, etc.) belonging to, or characteristic of a republic.
This burden threatened to sink the new republican government, indeed the whole democratic experiment.
имя существительное
a person advocating or supporting republican government.
Third, the monarchists did not win the November 6 referendum: the republicans lost it.
a member or supporter of the Republican Party.
Neal says he believes more than 300 members of the House will support his bill if Republicans allow it to reach the floor.
An articulation of the Green position is needed too, but there is a more pressing need for a republican and, especially, a socialist republican ideology to be given a more public airing.
Mr. Lord goes on to comment: ‘Any true friend of republican government would have to demur; but the case is nevertheless a powerful one.’
a republican constitution
Their God could act providentially, and their religious beliefs helped to shape their faith in republican government and the natural law that, in their view, underlay its principles.
My part of the republican movement was to argue that becoming a republic was to signal to the world that we are our own men and women.
What empires lavish abroad, they cannot spend on good republican government at home: on hospitals or roads or schools.
Tax relief adds to that, the idea that taxation is an affliction, and that's a republican idea.
The 10 men's extraordinary act of selfless courage in dying to assert their political status was in turn to bequeath political status on a resurgent republican movement.
The Founders, so the liberal theory runs, devised the complicated checks and balances of the Constitution in order to overcome the traditional fate of republican self-government.
In 1512 the exiled Medici family was restored to power following eighteen years of republican government.