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reprove / порицать, упрекать, бранить
blame, censure, condemn, deplore, decry, reprove
reproach, rebuke, chide, reprove, throw up, twit
scold, revile, berate, rail, upbraid, reprove
reprimand or censure (someone).
he was reproved for obscenity
Our repeated failure to reprove and adequately rebuke heresy calls into serious question our theological system.
There was no discipline to impose itself on this clowning, and no parental authority to reprove it.
Though sympathetic toward General Tang, Li said he still felt compelled to criticize General Tang for not obeying the moral principles of the military to never reprove superior officers.
Whoever is unpunctual deserves that other people should reprove him for being unpunctual.
He fixed her with a mildly reproving glance which diluted quickly into a fond grin.
‘Mustn't be cruel to animals, my boy,’ he reproved , with both palms cradling the gleaming-orange face so that it hooked to his own faintly stern one.
Edie reproved herself bitterly for hugging Walter the way she had, earlier.
‘You don't need to shout, Alli,’ Mrs. Silvano said reprovingly .
His tone was gently reproving , but I was determined not to let him talk me down.
Now, however, he was looking straight at her, eyes direct, face serious and tone reproving .