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reproof / выговор, упрек, порицание
имя существительное
rebuke, reprimand, pronunciation, scolding, reproof, demerit
reproach, rebuke, reproof, twit, blame, admonition
censure, blame, reprobation, reproof, reproval, reflection
имя существительное
an expression of blame or disapproval.
she welcomed him with a mild reproof for leaving her alone
‘And what is more,’ he continued, with the slightest hint of reproof in his voice, ‘You should learn to mind your tongue.’
Keira, however, behaved as a model daughter, leaving no room for reproof .
a look of reproof
It could signify a promise or a threat or a reproof .
It was nearest to a reproof that I'd ever heard from her.
It sounded more like a reproof than anything else.
She hit him on the shoulder lightly in reproof before laughing slightly before she realized that hurt her side even more.
Then why, why oh men do you continue to reject his reproof ?
He can be sarcastic and severe without becoming offensive; his reproof often takes the form of humorous banter.
One eye cocked in gentle reproof , Don Mario sipped the wine.