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reproductive / воспроизводительный
имя прилагательное
reproductive, reproduction
имя прилагательное
relating to or effecting reproduction.
the female reproductive system
Five studies have now been completed, and each study demonstrates some negative effect on stallion reproductive parameters in controlled settings.
The female generally has much less reproductive potential than the male, and she invests significantly more time and energy in each offspring.
reproductive system
They say a science based testing regime would include long term animal feeding trials with the whole genetically modified crop to test for carcinogenic, reproductive and other adverse effects.
The main stem apex in these varieties is not converted as quickly from a vegetative to reproductive state and generally will have about 16-18 main stem nodes at maturity.
The aim is to give every Namibian learner and teacher accurate information on HIV and sexual reproductive health.
It is well accepted that nutrient intake, body energy stores, and changes in BW and energy stores have dramatic effects on reproductive processes in the beef cow.
Whereas the male body carried the burden of explaining the greater part of normative human anatomy, the pregnant female body served to illustrate the reproductive system and human generation.
And now he's leading the struggle, armed with an acoustic guitar and a variety of euphemisms for the female reproductive system.
There - most tragic cases are there's about 50 in which people are suing, claiming their kids got birth defects because the chemicals affected the reproductive system.