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reproduction / воспроизведение, размножение, воспроизводство
имя существительное
reproduction, regeneration
reproduction, breeding, propagation, duplication, increase, generation
имя прилагательное
reproductive, reproduction
имя существительное
the action or process of making a copy of something.
the cost of color reproduction in publication is high
When that course entails the social regulation of her sexual life in reproduction , the young woman's entry into intellectual life will necessarily be seen as transgressive.
If the marginal cost of reproduction of a digital good is near zero, that means almost everyone should have it for almost no charge.
reproduction French classical beds
toads converge upon lakes and ponds intent on reproduction
The sound reproduction is quite good, too, in spite of some odd balances: certain brass instruments are pushed back too far, while the clarinet and other less voluminous instruments are well up front.
Vitamins are essential nutrients that affect economically important performance traits of dairy cows, including milk production, reproduction , and udder health.
I will be the first person to admit, however, that I think DTS is superior method of sound reproduction , and Pitch Black does nothing to change my mind.
The limited data available indicate that vitamin A levels considered optimal for other functions such as reproduction and health will support high levels of milk production.
the cost of color reproduction in publication is high
Intentional color issues aside, this is a great transfer of a low-budget movie, with apparently faithful color reproduction and no grain or edge enhancement to detract from the picture.