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reproduce / воспроизводить, размножаться, производить
reproduce, play back, render, copy, reconstitute
multiply, propagate, reproduce, breed, spawn, pullulate
produce, manufacture, make, generate, effect, reproduce
produce again.
a concert performance cannot reproduce all the subtleties of a recording
Because garlic does not reproduce by seeds, varieties are kept as clones - that is, individuals with exactly the same genes (like identical twins).
Through their act of submission to the film, Anger aims to reproduce in the audience, to some degree at least, the state of consciousness achieved by the participants of the ritual depicted.
Their blend of the foreign and the intimate created a sound which many have tried, and failed, to reproduce .
bacteria normally divide and reproduce themselves every twenty minutes
Plants can reproduce themselves without the help of human intervention.
the problems are difficult to reproduce in the laboratory
a concert performance cannot reproduce all the subtleties of a recording
Wouldn't it be great, if at the age of 21, you either found out you couldn't have kids, or as the result of Chemo, you were unable to reproduce , that you could clone a new uterus.
you'll be amazed to see how well half-tones reproduce
Most insects can reproduce in livestock manures.