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reprocess / подвергать переработке
подвергать переработке
process (something, especially spent nuclear fuel) again or differently, typically in order to reuse it.
the costs of reprocessing radioactive waste
It can also help companies identify ways to reprocess materials.
We'll watch that with interest, but it's an economical benefit to the French government to reprocess the spent fuel rods.
Eventually, they discovered they could reprocess industrial fiberglass until it met aerospace specifications.
He will then mix all of the ingredients together in the blending silos, reprocess it, and make ricotta cheese out of that blend.
A veteran scientist who used to work at Japan's space exploration agency, Dr. Nitta has put together machines that pump waste out, reprocess it, and pump it back in again in a more useable, life - sustaining form.
If robots can be employed to safely concentrate and reprocess the radioactive materials, they might even be valuable.
You put glasses on and everything is clear, but with hearing aids, your brain has to learn to reprocess sounds.
She says if there are to be new nuclear power stations, the Government will have to help finance them - by reducing, for example, British Energy's liability for reprocessing its spent nuclear fuel.
The Livingston-based company, which reprocesses alloys for the aeronautics industry, struck upon a novel solution through the Scottish Networks International programme run by the British Council Scotland.
North Korea got America's attention big time last month when it claimed it had reprocessed enough spent nuclear fuel rods to make plenty of nuclear weapons.