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reprobate / осуждать, корить, порицать
condemn, judge, denounce, criticize, convict, reprobate
reprobate, reprove
blame, censure, condemn, deplore, decry, reprobate
имя прилагательное
outcast, reprobate, castaway, cast-off, outlaw, excommunicate
immoral, wicked, licentious, unprincipled, bad, reprobate
dissolute, lewd, wanton, lecherous, immoral, reprobate
имя существительное
scoundrel, villain, rascal, wretch, rogue, reprobate
scoundrel, blackguard, sneak, stinker, skunk, reprobate
libertine, profligate, rake, debauchee, roue, reprobate
имя прилагательное
unprincipled (often used as a humorous or affectionate reproach).
a long-missed old reprobate drinking comrade
(in Calvinism) predestined to damnation.
имя существительное
an unprincipled person (often used humorously or affectionately).
They're all hypocrites, liars and reprobates .
(especially in Calvinism) a sinner who is not of the elect and is predestined to damnation.
Those who were chosen by God were no better than reprobates except that by his irresistible grace the elect could be brought to hate their sin, as Sir Walter does.
express or feel disapproval of.
his neighbors reprobated his method of proceeding
At odds with the establishment, he was painted as a reprobate - he did marry 27 nightclub dancers - but Ray sees him as a hero.
He spent his teenage years in Lafayette, Indiana, an angsty reprobate and hardened juvenile delinquent.
This is stolen from his cottage by the squire's reprobate son Dunstan Cass, who disappears.
Freudo, on the other hand, is determined to be a more serious, sensual escape behind the seemingly sanguine outer layer of society and into its reprobate nether regions.
There is a further hint that bustle and business are the properties of the older, reprobate drama.
So it's only natural that when they hit too close to home, when they hold a mirror up to the panting demographic and showcase people's reprobate and mercenary nature, the target should retaliate.
The woman is not only dominated, but reprobate , not only impotent, but cursed.
Sometimes, misguided by a thread or finger, a digital doll finds itself wandering over to the dark side of show business and falling under the spell of the reprobate members of the manipulated.
In each case, while Joe seems to be the catalyst, we soon see that it is the internal flaws that each individual carries that result in their reprobate behavior.
The first half of the film consists of SS officers observing potential recruits in all manner of borderline reprobate acts.