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reprisal / расправа, репрессалия, ответная мера
имя существительное
violence, reprisal, reprise
reprisal, retaliation
ответная мера
имя существительное
an act of retaliation.
three youths died in the reprisals that followed
the threat of reprisal
the threat of reprisal
The Allies, who were at one stage two days’ march from Paris, had circulated details of their planned reprisals , so that the Revolutionaries knew who was to be tortured to death and who merely imprisoned for life.
Negotiations can consist of suggesting courses of action, threatening reprisals , offering to work together, showing or demanding to see cards, or anything at all.
The twentieth century saw many examples of arts playing a powerful political role, sometimes eliciting harsh reprisals and censorship, even death.
A gangland war erupts that sees assassination attempts, violent reprisals , and an ever-rising body count.
Although that revolt failed, the brutal Ottoman reprisals , which killed 30,000 Bulgarians, drew Europe's attention to what had previously been considered an Ottoman backwater.
The citadel was evacuated to avoid political reprisals in the 1780s, but civilians remained in the fortified town until its decline in the mid-nineteenth century.
Like Grandma, the two guerrillas had taken revolutionary names to bolster their morale and, in the advent of capture, to shield their villages and families from reprisals .
Zimmerman continues: ‘Those people to whom trade, growth and profit count most make the point that economic reprisals are inevitable.’