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reprint / перепечатка, переиздание, отдельный оттиск
имя существительное
reprint, cancel, impression
reissue, reprint
отдельный оттиск
offprint, separate, reprint, excerpt, separatum
новое неизмененное издание
reprint, reissue
выпускать новое издание
имя существительное
an act of printing more copies of a work.
Publishers normally order reprints of older titles when they suddenly become topical again like in the case of Afghanistan.
print again or in a different form.
the story has been reprinted at intervals ever since it first appeared
This book, a reprint of a collection first published in 1960, is intended to shed some light on this neglected phase of Yeats's life.
In fact, the Premchand volume does not even bother to name an editor; it contains simply a reprint of four books of translations of Premchand by three different translators published over the last decade or two.
This is the first reprint of the book since the 1790s and is well edited.
Apart from a reprint of The Home Place in 1968 and a second edition of The Inhabitants in 1972, both his landmark photo-texts were long out of print until 1999.
This volume is an unabridged reprint of the original volume published in The Musicians Library Series by Oliver Ditson Company, Boston, in 1915.
Finally, should there be a reprint of this book, one can hope that the Press will take the trouble to weed out the endless proofreading errors that deface the present text.
The book also contains a reprint of a funny science fiction short story, ‘Roll Over Beethoven,’ written by Cooper and Larry S. Haverkos.
the publishers had nearly sold out of the initial run of copies and ordered a reprint
A reprint of a copy was published in 1965.
This new edition in four volumes, a reprint of the 1962 paperback edition, costs [pounds sterling] 9.99 per volume.