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reprimand / выговор, замечание, встрепка
имя существительное
rebuke, reprimand, pronunciation, scolding, reproof, demerit
comment, remark, observation, note, reprimand, admonition
reprimand, scolding
reprimand, scold, lecture, speak at, talk to, tick off
объявлять выговор
делать выговор
reprimand, admonish, reprove, rebuke, tax, reprehend
имя существительное
a rebuke, especially an official one.
The destruction of the Afghan Buddhas was met with reprimands from our officials, while ancient religious sites in our own country are being turned into quarries.
rebuke (someone), especially officially.
officials were dismissed or reprimanded for poor work
She could easily have ruined his career with a harassment suit but instead chose to just walk away, and he's insisting we reprimand her for doing so.
The captain says he ought to flog all of them, but because they surrendered early, he will make do with just a reprimand .
By way of reprimand , Othello was forced to demote Cassio, a severe blow to the high-ranking officer.
Next port of call is the Council of Ministers where tomorrow evening the commission's recommendation to formally reprimand Ireland will be carried.
For bragging about the size of her sub, Kathryn Bigelow earns a reprimand from this court.
Although one American Eastern Catholic bishop has recently ordained a married man in America without reprimand from the Vatican, most Eastern bishops simply lack the courage to act on what the law clearly permits.
the golfer received a reprimand for a breach of rules
Universal is given a reprimand for some poor decisions concerning the making of this set.
Both Steinhardt and the secret police seem to have shared the belief that the complex process of religious conversion that the writer underwent while in prison was a personal matter and as such deserved no reprimand .
It is governed automatically by scripts that do the specific bidding of their creators both to help and to reprimand users of the protocol.