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repressive / репрессивный
имя прилагательное
repressive, retaliatory
имя прилагательное
(especially of a social or political system) inhibiting or restraining the freedom of a person or group of people.
a repressive regime
In any case, when we look at women's resistance to government pressure, I think we should avoid the temptation to turn them into pure political subversives critiquing a repressive government.
But it's nonetheless true that right at the moment, dependence on oil is forcing the West to funnel money to repressive regimes in Saudi Arabia, Iran, and elsewhere.
The other side of the coin is the individual's right to personal privacy and the right, of say human rights activists, to communicate online without fear of reprisals from repressive regimes needs to be protected.
Bacic lived through the repressive Pinochet regime in Chile, and through her work with the truth commissions that have been operating in that country she has come in contact with innumerable survivors of torture.
Black feminists have critiqued its repressive gender politics while not always recognizing that the sexual and racial politics of black nationalism are as deeply flawed as those of Eurocentric nationalism.
The following films deal with rebellion against arbitrary or repressive authority.
This is evident not only in the imposition of an alien, Eurocentric repressive moral code, but also in acts of violence and sexual exploitation.
Tyrannical and repressive non-colonial regimes might be supported if they could be presented as allies against Communism, but it was not always possible to go on making excuses for them.
However, relative peace brought by colonialism, and repressive colonial policies of recruitment and taxation encouraged people to spread out in the hinterland so as not to be found by colonial authorities.
Irrepressible woman takes on repressive system, this time in the form of a free-spirited art professor taking on the McCarthy era.