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repression / подавление, репрессия, сдерживание
имя существительное
suppression, inhibition, repression, reduction, mortification
control, inhibition, moderation, repression, coercion, refraining
имя существительное
the action of subduing someone or something by force.
Irish readers will quickly spot the familiar pattern of failed uprising followed by brutal repression .
Throughout, both sexual motivations and repression dominate.
He muses that this need to participate confuses some people into mistaking positive pro-action for repression .
Struggling with rage, repression , and obsessive desire, she gradually allows herself to have a sexual relationship with the one person she adores - her sister.
What begins as a monologue with French-accented English from a mumbling - if endearing - simpleton emerges as a metaphor not only for language and cultural divides but sexual awakening and repression .
For example, during Reiko's struggle for sexual liberation, the mysterious stranger indeed helps knock down the walls of her repression and reawakens her own desires, which takes about half an hour of film time.
Julien uses museums, often founded on colonialist exploitation, as sites of oppression, repression and desire.
The ruling royal family, which has enjoyed the lion's share of oil wealth, is perceived as corrupt, and repression of domestic discontent is high.
Suo's movie was, beyond sweet entertainment, a subtle look at Japanese work culture and the repression of desire.
His translators and mediators of colonial innocence are now dead so that Ben encounters two themes through which this innocence is challenged: withheld history and sexual repression .
There is an awkward squad in British art bred perhaps of northern Protestantism and the sexual repression , even perversion, that is seen by the rest of Europe as being so characteristically British.