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repressed / подавленный, сдержанный
имя прилагательное
depressed, repressed, subdued, crushed, despondent, melancholy
restrained, discreet, reserved, restrain, moderate, repressed
имя прилагательное
restrained, inhibited, or oppressed.
repressed indigenous groups
subdue (someone or something) by force.
the uprisings were repressed
We get a sense of her insecurity, her introverted nature, and her repressed sexuality.
they suddenly shift the focus of the movie onto the repressed sexuality of the virginal young Lucy.
It begins with an encounter between Malory, a repressed Englishman restlessly wandering the globe, and the unnamed narrator, as they holiday in Europe.
He both presides over the house and is imprisoned by it, locked in a house of hidden corruption, where repressed desire flourishes unchecked in the basement and childish things are not put away.
In other words, Glen created Glenda in order to sublimate his repressed sexual/maternal desires, and compensate for a lack of female attention.
It's the end of the 1950s, and you know what that means: All the repressed sexuality that's been lurking under the starched skirts and argyle cardigans is coming to a full boil.
As their time in hiding slowly builds, frustration and boredom are replaced by a juvenile playfulness, tinged with repressed sexual longing and shot through with malicious intent.
But there's nothing very Leonard Cohen about this Hilton Hotel hang, unless you want a decor metaphor for one of his sexually repressed characters.
By narrating her aunt's story, the narrator attempts to restore the repressed sexuality and foreclose her own independence.
The surfacing of repressed memories to consciousness entails a codification that demands an expert listener.